Meet Nilakshi Pathak

A Happy Go Lucky Soul

In the chaotic world, where everyone is talking about everything and everyone, let us create a space where we can talk about ourselves.

I already have a lifestyle blog, I wanted this blog to be different. So, here I am with this personal blog where I will show you my life, how am I living it, my struggle, my wins and yes, everything in between. 

Want to strike a conversation or share something? Feel free to go to the contact page and send me a message! Let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about us!

Also, please excuse my images that I use in this blog. I am camera-shy. Can't really smile in front of a camera. 


I am currently pursuing my M.Phil in Geography from the Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics. I love to read and write. During my free time, I sketch too! I am currently staying in Delhi and living my dream life. I am a content creator and a podcastor too. I am taking mini steps to create the best version of myself.