Minding My Mind To Stay Away From Covid Fear

Updated: May 15

The world looks so chaotic right now. Every day is either a war or a battle of life. People are fighting for beds in hospitals, oxygen cylinders, medicines, jobs and what not! Sadly, people have simply become numbers, and all we talk and hear about is statistics. The dreadful statistics force us to pray for our family, for us, our friends, relatives and perhaps, even the enemies. No one deserves this, but still, we are on this boat of chaos which is floating in the ocean of COVID, and we are simply ensuring, no matter how much water is left or for how many days we have to stay here, no one is going to touch a drop of water from that ocean. We will stay safe or at least try to stay safe. In such a depressing world, it's normal to get anxious, be afraid, sad, and be happy and grateful. Well, I am trying to stay positive and stay from all the COVID news. For the first time, I can say ignorance is bliss, and I do not need to know the numbers; I do not want to know how the government has failed us because the simple knowledge that it has failed us is enough. Now is not the time for me to analyze it. Maybe, someday, I will look back and see the amount of destruction that took place but not now, not in the middle of this crisis.

I am not a very brave person, and therefore, I am not going to pretend it. Since April, I have been trying to run away from all the negativities and keep myself sane. So, I simply wanted to tell you what I have been doing since then and want to know what you are doing to keep yourself engaged?

How Am I Staying Away From COVID Fear?

1. Staying Away From News

I have turned off the notification of the Inshorts app. I was not prepared for all the dreadful news in the middle of the day. Now I simply check it when I want to check it—also, no news channels for me. Every now and then, I keep checking the progress and the new updates about COVID, but that's it!

2. Reading Plenty Of Books

The best way of entering an alternative way is through books, and yes, I have purchased plenty