My List Of Materialistic Goals For 2021

Is it a bit too late to share my goals for 2021? Never mind, I am sharing it with you anyway. Many of us, including me, have shared well to look at goals for different years. This year, I am trying to do something different by posting my materialistic goals for 2021. Often, people are judged for having materialistic goals for being shallow. I am wondering if it really makes someone a shallow person. I guess, just like all wishes, there can be materialistic wishes and goals too, and it’s fine to have them. After all, if we don’t wish for it, how will we ever get it? So here is my list of materialistic goals.

What Do I Wish To Have in 2021?


I always wanted to have an iPad. The main reason being the plenty of workbooks that I can work on. Now that I have it, I can tell that I am using it for loads of other things. For instance, just like my last post, I am writing this post using an iPad too.

Apple Pencil

What’s an iPad without an Apple Pencil? Still an iPad? LOL! That was a pretty lame joke! I wanted to use plenty of workbooks on my iPad, and it was pretty obvious that I would need a compatible pencil too. Any pencil would have sufficed, but I am a bit guilty of being brand savvy and, yes, therefore, an Apple Pencil, and yes, I have it now with me.

MacBook Pro

Okay, now I have started looking really freaky, I know! So, the situation is that my current MacBook Air is not working very smoothly. It breaks down multiple times in a day, especially if I am doing some heavy work, and then I have to restart it, and yes, I also end up losing some data. MacBook Pro because I also want a tad bit of upgrade, now that I am done using MacBook Air