Nah! Not Sharing Any Images Without Permission

Dear Readers!

Hi! How are you? This is the very first official post on my blog. After giving too much thought, I decided to skip all the blogging rules, like creating a catchy heading, and then go around, creating sub-headings with points and all. The reason being I want to blog here as a hobby, not as a professional blogger. So, I gave myself the liberty to skip every rule and jut down whatever I feel like. Basically, I will be telling you bits and pieces of my life. This feels like creative writing and ah! so liberating.

Coming back straight to the point. A few weeks ago, I captured an image of my hubby and me kissing. It was so damn sweet, that without a thought I decided to share it on my WhatsApp status. After putting the status, I was back to enjoying the Sunday sun. But did you know what happened? He got upset! The reason being he wasn't comfortable in sharing such (intimate) images online which his family members can view. My instant reaction was to howl. Why can't I simply upload an image of my choice to my WhatsApp account? Why do I need to care what other people will think of it? It's love!

The same thing happened again, and this time the objection was raised by my family. I uploaded something related to my brother, which according to them could land me in a hot soup. Well, I understood, it was a bit of a risky post, so I deleted it without any argument. P.S, I also deleted that kissing photo.

A few days ago, when I was reflecting on the images, I realized, I actually had no right to upload those images, even if I captured them because they involved other people. So, I had to naturally take their permission. Sounds so basic, right? Wasn't that basic for me. So, now that I have understood the point, I made a good decision. I won't upload any image that involves other people without taking their permission.

Many times, I have violated this right of other people to say no, simply by going forward to upload a group selfie, just because I was looking good in it. Nah! I would no longer be doing that. Not sharing any images without permission, ever! Just wondering, do you share images involving other people without their permission?

P.S. Here's a selfie of mine uploaded fully with my consent!!!