The Archer: Book Review and Key Takeaways

There was nothing much to coagulate while picking Paulo Coelho’s book. All my previous Coelho’s read has proved to be spiritually awakening and the natural supposition while picking “The Archer” was that even this book would be enlightening too. Well, here’s the catch, the degree of enlightenment that each book offers is different.

My very first view of the book was that it looked pleasant with its subtle coloured hardcover. While flipping the pages, it became obvious that it would be a quick read, and as expected, I successfully read the book within an hour.


The story's protagonist is Tetsuya, a retired gifted archer, and after his retired life, he has engaged himself in carpentry. Over the course of few events, Tetsuya imparts his knowledge of bow and arrow to a young boy who sought his wisdom. It would be wrong to say that “The Archer” revolves around any plot. The story part of the book is limited to the first few and the last few pages of the book. The majority of the content of the book consists of direct guidance.


Paulo tries to draw an analogy between life and archery, and hence the book is titled “The Archer. The analogies drawn in the book are listed below:

  • Bow: Life

  • Arrow: Intention

  • Target: Objective to be reached

Honestly speaking, the analogy simply provides a fresh twist to the age-old knowledge that we have been hearing and reading repeatedly. If you are an avid non-fictional reader, you will find very little to gain from the book.

Key Takeaways From The Archer

In this section, I will try to provide my key learning and understanding from the book concisely.

  • It is crucial to take a rest from time to time. The chances of burning out get pretty Hugh if we are continuously taking actions. Once in a while, we should retreat and relax.