Why Am I So In Love With ‘The Bold Type’?

Seldom do I find a girl series that I can binge-watch. Thankfully, now I have ‘The Bold Type’ and honestly speaking, I am obsessed with it, so much so that, I am in the third season and fourth episode, and I have fetched my iPad to write this article down. I always wanted to own a magazine house, it has been a childhood dream of mine. I was therefore naturally attracted to this series. I ended up googling Scarlet to check if that’s a real magazine. Here’s a fun fact, it was a magazine but they have shut down. Isn’t this the right time for them to open up? Just wondering! So, no real Scarlet magazine for now but please allow me to live in that fantasy land where Scarlet magazine exists! Here’s a list of reasons why I am so much in love with The Bold Type Series.

10 Reasons To Watch 'The Bold Type'

1. We finally have a girl code!

Day in and day out, we have heard about bro code and how guys come forward to support each other. But what about the girl code? Most of the time, we read or are told that girls are jealous of each other and a woman brings down a woman. Seeing the main three characters bond is just so refreshing and yes, we do have a girl code but it is often dusted under the carpet and no one talks about it. But it’s high time to acknowledge that women support women and yes, such women exist.

2. It’s all about diversity

From the LGBT community to casts from different races, from slim girls to fat girls, from people into vanilla sex to ones who enjoy bondage, the series not only includes the characters but also throws light on the problems that they face and why we must acknowledge it.

3. The Bold Type series talk about fear and why we should act even we are afraid

Jane gets fired when she wanted to expand herself as a writer, Sutton wanted to move to the fashion department but was so afraid to let go of her current job, Kay was worried about coming out as a bisexual and was afraid to tell the world about her abortion story, Alex came forward to admit he was a douchebag, Jacqueline was reluctant to admit she was a rape survivor and the fear that the dot com will overrule the print edition. The fear was real, the cost was high, but still, they did what needed to be done, to voice their opinion, to be honest. Did it always have a good consequence? No, but eventually things got better and luckily they didn’t have to be in a scenario where they were wondering what if. They took the risk, few failed, few passed but in the end, it was all fine because they did what they wanted to do. It was their choice and they didn’t allow the outside noise to affect them. Don’t you want to be that brave person who never has to wonder what if? I am still in the process of becoming that person!